New home owner in Arizona reviews maintenance tasks

home repairsWhen it comes to the very first maintenance steps for new homeowners in Arizona, the view is to “start now” before all the many inside and outside tasks overwhelm you. At the same time, there is view in certain community “house blocks” that owners are responsible for home and property maintenance within their property boundaries. This maintenance is often forgotten by first-time homeowners, states a longtime Arizona real estate agent commenting online.

Another aspect of being a “rookie” home buyer today is linked to various checklists provided by real estate companies. The checklists are designed to remind newbie property owners that the buck stops with them when it comes to sorting out all private areas of their home indoors and outdoors. The checklist also reminds people what “outside” maintenance is provided by the local homeowners association, the community or even the state. Still, there is always a concern with homeowners about “hidden” costs related to these maintenance expenses. Even termite treatment phoenix az services might have “hidden” costs.

The costs of homeownership explained

While there are many inherent expenses related to owning a home or other property in Arizona today, these expenses are viewed or credited as “unavoidable” because who should mow a lawn, paint a property fence or clean a home’s floors and carpets? The answer is always the home or property owner in most cases, say longtime estate agents commenting online.

At the same time, there are many new home buyers who are so focused on the price they just paid for their house that they sort of “dismiss” the many other costs of maintaining a new home. The newbie homeowners may have forgotten about a budget to cover the many extra costs associated with maintaining a home that is new or old.

Fighting the battle of termites for new homeowners

termite The one common issue for new homeowners in Arizona is the specter of pests, including termites that may invade a new or existing property development. While there are details about pest protection in the home builder’s details about the property, it is job of the new homeowner to assess if there is reason to be concerned about such things as a pest or termite threat to the property’s buildings.

Overall, there are many home maintenance issues that are not included in the sticker price for a new property. It is a wise newbie homeowner who prepares and budgets for these often hidden new home maintenance costs.